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Fingerpaintings by Anke Fachmann

Is there a more mysterious idea than to imagine 

how nature is reflected in the eyes of animals?

~Franz Marc


Growing up in Germany, Anke Fachmann was influenced by remarkable artist movements such as The Bridge (Die Brücke) and The Blue Rider (Der Blaue Reiter). A passion for art, culture, and design led her to initially study graphic design. She received a Bachelors in Graphic Design at the Freie Hochschule für Grafik-Design & Bildende Kunst in Freiburg, Southern Germany. She then came to the US to pursue a graphic design career. Soon, Fachmann’s focus changed and she rediscovered her passion for fine art.


Color and structure are her tools to tell stories, ​to leave room for the imagination. She paints with her fingers as well as with recycled materials such as paper and coffee sleeves to give her artwork an unique expression. 


Anke Fachmann on her technique and subject matter:

“One day I worked on a big canvas using brushes. This felt tiring, so I started to dip my hands and fingers into the paint. Over time, I explored painting with recycled materials such as straws, sponges, and the paper sleeves from to-go coffee cups. Friends started saving the coffee sleeves for me and I think that is not a bad idea when it comes to recycling and our beloved planet!”


"After experimenting with mixed media and abstract work, I started to paint animals, learning more and more about endangered species through this media. I decided to focus on them, with the hope to prompt curiosity and to showcase their beauty and uniqueness.”


Fachmann uses her art to create awareness and to work together with environmental organizations and activists whenever she can. She lives in San Francisco.

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